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Baskota Group of Industries, founded under the guidance of Mr. Deepak Prakash Baskota, is Nepal's foremost private sector enterprise to focus on the marketing of organic and natural agricultural products.

Mr. Baskota's sixty plus years of contributions to the organic movement, the cooperative movement, and his numerous social initiatives have had a large, positive impact on the community. While he is credited with bringing the cooperative revolution to Nepal, his Kanchanjangha Tea Estate and Research Center (KTERC) is a premier example of his cooperative vision in action. Every worker has a stake in the company and their families are supported by social projects and subsidies KTERC provides along with the donation of many generous international buyers who believe in this system.

Baskota Group has its headquarters in Kathmandu, Nepal. The products we offer include, but are not limited to: tea, coffee, spices, juices, and other agricultural products. Baskota Group operates with the objective of providing high quality products that are locally produced and our ultimate goal is to help farmers obtain higher profits by allowing them to bypass a "middleman". To achieve this goal, Baskota Group works directly and exclusively with companies like Kanchanjangha Tea Estate and Research Center, the first certified organic tea estate in Nepal owned and operated by the farmers, to bring organic produce directly to the customer.


We sell all our certified products under the brand name "Kanchanjangha Organics", produced by Kanchanjangha Tea Estate and Research Center (KTERC)

*We use the Brand "Kanchanjangha Naturals" for all the non-certified but natural products

  • Our Certifications include:
  • CERES ( Certification of Environmental Standards)

  • JAS (Japanese Agriculture Standards)
  • USDA (United States Department of Agriculture)

Kanchanjangha Tea Estate and Research Center (KTERC) is also a Fair-Trade Organization

Kanchanjangha Tea Estate & Research Centre (KTE) is located at Ranitar in the remote hilly region of Panchthar district in eastern Nepal bordering the tea area of Darjeeling at an altitude of 1300-1800m. The garden lies at the foot hills of Mt. Kanchenjunga which covers the largest vegetation area with a combination of unique blends of natural factors for the growth of exclusive aromatic tea. The enterprise was launched in 1984 by the local farmers on a cooperative model. Over a 100 farmers joined hands, pooled in their marginal land holdings and became owners of the first orthodox tea plantation covering nearly 94 hectares of land. The land which was barely enough to sustain them is now utilized to produce High Quality Organic Orthodox Tea of the Himalayas.


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News & Reviews

Baskota Group

It has been 19 years I have been working in the production sector of KTE and I am absolutely satisfied with the facilities and working environment here at KTE. My son worked here for some time and KTE itself arranged a better job for him as the driver of Chief District Officer (C.D.O.) of the village.

Ratna Rai
Baskota Group

I have been working for six years at KTE and I proudly say that KTE has become my new husband. After my husband moved away, KTE has been responsible for the education of my two children. Besides, it has provided me with a place to live, food to eat and a secure job. What else do I need? I am highly grateful to KTE for its support.

Rita Dulal